Hi everyone, welcome to netwhile.com. In this article, I will share with you How To Hide Friends List On Facebook. Everyone is using Facebook nowadays. A social network like Facebook has now become very popular. People use to post their personal data like photos, check-in, and location too. But many people are very concerned about their privacy on Facebook. People don’t want other people to see their friend list.

So I am going to show you

How To Hide Friends List On Facebook.

Follow these simple steps
1. Open Facebook and login to your account.

2. At the right top, you will find a down arrow click on the down arrow.facebook down arrow

3. A list of sub menus will open up.facebook menus

4. Click on the Settings option.
5. After you click on Settings option you will land on the Setting page.

6. At the left hand, you will find an option named Privacy.facebook privacy

7. Click on Privacy, You will land on the Privacy Settings and Tools page.

8. At the bottom, you will find an option Who can see your friend list?facebook who can see friend edit

9. Click on its Edit button, list of option will appear.

10. The option will include Public, Friends, Only me, Custom.facebook who can see friend options

11. If you want to hide your friend list from everyone select Only me.

Do you want to Hide Facebook friend list from a specific person?

1. Click on Custom option.

facebook who can see friend custom
2. A pop-up will appear.

3. Add the name of the person who you don’t want to allow to see your friend list in Don’t share with box.facebook who can see friend custom edit

4. Click on the Save Changes button.
In these ways, you can hide your friend’s list on Facebook either from everyone or someone specific.
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