Hi guys, welcome to www.netwhile.com. In this article, I am going to show you How To Add Custom Thumbnail To YouTube Videos? Adding a custom thumbnail plays a vital role to improve your traffic. The video that has an interesting, attractive and appealing thumbnail is most likely to get a hit from YouTube viewers.

When you upload a video on YouTube, YouTube automatically chooses a random thumbnail for you from the video that you have uploaded. But this thumbnail might not be able to give a clear idea about the content of your video. So to give a clear idea about the content of a video we use a custom thumbnail.

How To Add Custom Thumbnail On YouTube.

Follow these simple steps to add a custom thumbnail.

  1. Open YouTube in your browser and Sign-in into your channel account.
  2. Click on the Creator studio button.
  3. A dashboard will appear, click on the CHANNEL option.Youtube channel menus
  4. On click of CHANNEL, you will see many setting related to video customization.Youtube channel options thumbnail
  5. There is an option of Custom thumbnails, which shows that it is Not Enabled.


How to enable Custom thumbnails On YouTube option?

To add a custom thumbnail on youtube videos, you need to verify your YouTube account.


How To Verify your YouTube account?

Simply follow these steps

  1. On the same page of CHANNEL at the top, you will see your channel name with the logo.YouTube verify account
  2. Below the channel name, there is a button Verify.
  3. Click on the Verify button, you will land on the account verification page.
  4. Account verification is a two-step process.
  5. In the first step, you will be asked to select your country and the mode of receiving the verification code.Youtube account verification step 1
  6. The options are
    1. Call me with an automated voice message
  7. You can choose anyone from the above.
  8. On selection of the mode of verification a new box will appear below.
  9. Enter your mobile number in that box, then click on the Submit button.
  10. You will be on the step-2 page that will ask you to enter the verification code, that you will receive on your mobile number.Youtube account verification step 2
  11. Enter the verification code and click on the Submit button.
  12. A pop up will appear that will show you that your account is verified and then click on the continue button.
  13. On click of the continue button, you will land on the Channel page.
  14. You can now see the Custom thumbnails option is now enabled.

    Youtube channel options thumbnail 2
    Youtube channel options thumbnail 2

Now when you upload any video you will be able to see the custom thumbnail option. Click on it, choose a file of the thumbnail you wish to add and save.

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